Not owning a TV, when I moved to Tioga County I followed Richard Nixon’s impeachment hearings through radio and newspaper. Initially, Republicans supported their president, but as testimony revealed the extent of lies, cover-ups and obstruction of justice, Nixon’s impeachment became a bipartisan effort, and he resigned.

Some twenty-plus years later, Bill Clinton was caught with his pants down and he lied as self-righteously and adamantly as Nixon. But neither Democrats nor the nation joined in the Republican impeachment obsession, deciding [for better or worse] that lying about adultery did not rise to the “high crimes and misdemeanors” needed to remove a president.

Bryn Hammarstrom has a long-time interest in environmental issues.

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Glenn Knarr Staff
Glenn Knarr

Civil servants are supposedly protected from being fired for the political affiliation not actual beliefs or ideals! There loyalty is questionable and can be swayed by many other promises! You sir are an environmentalist, are you not? Was not the original claim Russian collusion and now after no evidence we are at question of asking about corruption in a foreign country. which the accused was not even a factor when original charges were filed! You protected a person who actually did do what you are accusing the president of! Video News releases don't lie, do they? Everybody laughed at that recorded conference when a said statement was made very clear, which started this new investigation and charges. You have six hours to fire him or no money!

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