The way it usually works out, organized labor is aligned with the Democrats, and big business is closely connected to the GOP. And it is true that the Dems still march in lockstep with those who are the employees, by and large. However, it’s both Republicans and Democrats who are slugging it out with the corporations.

First of all, when I say “Republicans,” I mean the Trump party. When I say “ultra-conservative,” these days that means “Trump-inspired.” You never hear of ultra-conservative Democrats; their opponents describe them as radical liberals and moderates. I happen to think that’s unfair; those on the far left should be titled the “immoderates,” but that’s another discussion.

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I tried to read Mr. Franken's column today but it was very difficult to understand.

In fact, it seemed to be a transcription of a drunken monologue that could be

overheard in any neighborhood bar.

Mr. Franken apparently dislikes Republicans very much, so much so that he

brands them "racists" and "segregationists". I thought we were trying to come

together as a country and not continue our descent into hate and slander.

Mr. Franken also repeats lies about the Georgia state election law changes.

No Mr. Franken - the law does not mandate that thirsty people on line to vote

should be denied water. Poll workers can provide water but it makes sense not

to allow political organizations to "bribe" voters by giving them water or even


By the way, Georgia allows ballot drop boxes and 17 days of in-person advance

voting. It also allows absentee voting without an excuse. If voters are concerned

about long, hot lines to vote on election day, they have other options that are

very reasonable.

Do we need to give narrow-minded politicos like Bob Franken more space to vent

their lies? I think we as a nation need to read and listen to fair-minded moderates who

are trying to bring us together, not tear us apart.

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