When the internet lit up saying the storied New York Yankees exiled the playing of the country’s second national anthem, “God Bless America” by the legendary Kate Smith during each game’s seventh-inning stretch, it had to be another bout of fake news.

Not so.

One of the game’s newer traditions that was implemented after the tragedy of 9/11 is finished.

The Philadelphia Flyers are also banishing Smith’s renowned version of Irving Berlin’s famous American classic. The Flyers outdid the Bronx Bombers by sending Smith’s statue outside their home at the Wells Fargo Center to the “Island of Unwanted Statues,” taking up residence next to the one of Penn State’s Joe Paterno and a platoon of Confederate generals.

This is what happens when the leftist American Taliban declares Smith’s “God Bless America” — offensive.

Smith’s politically incorrect crime is that early in her career she sang songs that included racial stereotypes that no one would endorse today; unless, of course, they were produced by the surfeit of black rappers who specialize in verses that are misogynistic, homophobic, racist and promote violence that are honored and even revered by today’s younger generations.

Who’s intolerant of whom?

Contemporary America would hardly know Smith if it weren’t for “God Bless America” — and the same goes for Irving Berlin. It’s a good bet that nearly no one knew that these other songs even existed.

The only thing Smith is guilty of is living in a bygone era. Smith was, as we all are, a person of her time and place. Holding people of our past to account for today’s mores is a fool’s errand.

Leftists find pleasure in destroying the historical legacies of people long dead that did not conform to the contemporary behaviors and practices of leftism.

Smith is swept down the memory hole at the Ministry of Truth of George Orwell’s “1984.”

Once upon a time in America, the New York Yankees stood for excellence and grace. Now they are spineless pawns of the corrupt and metastasizing politically correct denizens that patrol every segment of American society. George Steinbrenner, former Yankee owner and born on the Fourth of July no less, must be spinning in his grave.

What’s next?

Removing the pinstripes because they are gender-biased?

Both organizations allowed the cancer of partisan politics to take another hostage in professional sports.

Who are these American Taliban that dismisses the past and trashes the present, while holding people accountable for things said or done decades, even centuries ago, with no perspective and understanding of history?

Maybe they’re just old, soulless cranks overtly concerned about the length and look of how each row of cut grass measures up and the amount of twigs that fall on their pristine lawn as their soul withers away; all the while searching for someone to demonize for their shortcomings.

Our education system is filled and controlled by these malevolent, humorless people as today’s youngsters are being systematically brainwashed.

Those that pass judgments forget that they, too, will be tried by future generations. What is it that we do today that will be considered rudimentary, unsophisticated and offensive to them? This only works if you believe our present epoch has achieved the pinnacle of cultural refinement.

How naive and foolish.

What will be history’s judgement on the tens of millions slaughtered through legalized abortion, and the fact we have turned into a nation perplexed about which public bathroom to use?

The looming 10-ton elephant in the room is the longstanding, historical machinations of the Democratic Party, which is the biggest non-starter with the mainstream media from coast to coast.

Such prejudicial behavior is called “presentism,” which, according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is the “uncritical adherence to present-day attitudes, especially the tendency to interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts.” Instead, the zeitgeist needs a thorough self-examination of our present-day mores before any such inane judgements are bequeathed on people long deceased like Kate Smith.

Such conduct, however, is not by accident.

These ongoing attacks on our country’s historical roots have the effect of grinding it down where leftists prefer it to be — relegated to the dustbin of antiquity. If the “Kate Smith standard,” which is farcical on its face, is applied universally, there is nowhere it can’t go.

Here is yet another glaring paradigm of how life under a socialist government and the calculated duplicity that is political correctness and its corrosive effects are applied as a finely veiled way to remove God from the American republic.

What’s next? Banning the national anthem because it claims that the United States is “the land of the free.” However, “the land of the free” is a progressively less accurate narrative.

Through our God-given free will, we are left to our own devices.

In a nation that replaces God with abortion, homosexuality, opioids, marijuana, gambling and rap, perhaps “God Bless America” no longer applies.

Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes “Talking Points” for each Sunday edition.

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So, the left is "America's Taliban" when the right rails against homosexuals, people of color, transgender people etc. I think the actual Taliban would fit in better with the right.

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