I read that reporters at the New York Times took off their shoes and socks and counted, on their fingers and toes, 84 ways the Trump Administration is worsening pollution in America.

A long time ago, back in the 1960s when I was an editor at Business Week magazine in New York, I lived in a nice New Jersey town called Matawan and rode up the Jersey coast on the train every day. Once the train crossed the Raritan River at Perth Amboy, I saw the sky darken under the clouds of air pollution that chemical plants and oil refineries were shooting up over the crowded cities of Elizabeth and Bayonne. I still remember how the air coming through the train’s open windows stank and hurt my eyes.

Bomboy has written for more than 60 national magazines and is the author of six books.

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Whenever I need a good laugh, I read Bomboy. His articles are usually just Fake News spiced up with a little Trump Hate but this one wins the Pulitzer for Propaganda. The true pity is that many folks still believe journalism is alive and well instead of dead. They believe that these opinion pieces contain facts and not blatant lies. The economy is booming not only because of big business but because of small businesses flourishing or starting up. Why? Because of the over regulations of Big Brother which is the federal, state and local governments also known as the Swamps. Doesn't this guy get it? He also cities death by pollution as if it were only a problem of de-regulation and only in Pennsylvania. Nonsense filled with stupidity. Look at CA, without a doubt the most liberal socialists state in our USA. Think about pollution in LA, San Fran, Oakland, San Diego,NYC, Chicago, Seattle, and other cities run by radical far left socialist who have more regulations than anywhere in the world. No pollution right Bomboy? This along with no problems with the homeless, crime, and illegal aliens. And just think Bomboy, these cities have lower taxes than we do. Come on, this is the type of article that is destroying the minds of our youth and those who actually believe in the media. It is time that the many reputable journalists to either stop dividing this nation by the use of propaganda and lying about pollution not ending the world in 12 years or kill all the cows and other animals emitting gas (would this include humans?) , ban all vehicles, make smoking all things illegal, ban all plastics, cell phones, stop heating our homes and businesses ban watching TV and shut down every industry that produces anything closely hurting our environment, If and or when a socialist is elected president, our economy will cease to exist and we will return to the Stone Age in the name of survival. Then Bomboy can write about how great the world of socialism is.

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