The News-Item’s cheers and jeers from the last week of news:

• Jeers to the operators of Wood-Mode, who without warning closed the plant and instantly changed the lives of approximately 900 employees. It goes without saying that sometimes businesses fail, but it also goes without saying that communicating with workers is extremely important, and such a decision should never be a complete surprise. Furthermore, the owners of the business have yet to provide an explanation of the company’s closure to former employees. Hopefully there’s a solid reason for the silence.

• Cheers to the Shamokin Police Department for quickly investigating, and making arrests, in the burglary of Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church located on West Arch Street. The two men who are facing charges are innocent until proven guilty.

• Cheers to the area citizens who are running for office in Tuesday’s primary election. Making the decision to enter into the political realm is often a very selfless thing to do, as it opens each candidate up to public scrutiny and political attacks. While undoubtedly there are some politicians who run for nefarious reasons, the reality is most of our elected officials are good people trying to do good things, and we thank them for the service.

• Jeers to those who have been involved with welfare fraud in the state of Pennsylvania. Seven days ago, state police sent a press release detailing the 178 people who have been charged with fraudulent welfare activity from the beginning of the year through March 31. Welfare, in some form, is a necessity and part of what puts the United States above many other countries in the world. State police listed the amount of fraud to have cost the taxpayers an estimated $886,000.

• Jeers to the actors involved in Friday’s threat at Shamokin Area Middle-High School, which caused an after-hours concert to be rescheduled. While it is easy to point fingers at school board members or the school’s administration in reaction to the amount of threats the school has recently received, please put yourself in their shoes before doing so. There’s nothing stopping a student from calling in a threat or writing a malicious note in the bathroom. Let’s hope police are able to track down the actors and bring them to justice.

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