The News-Item’s cheers and jeers from the last week of news:

• Cheers to recent Lourdes Regional graduate Jared Stewart for continuing to run a successful business as featured in Sunday’s edition of The News-Item. Stewart, who also played on the Lourdes basketball team and Mount Carmel Area football team, put in long hours to keep the business running while earning his education. We have no doubt that the lessons he learned in the business world will pay dividends while he moves on to the next goal in his life — earning a law degree.

• Cheers to the Coal Township and Shamokin Area Alumni Associations, which recently held the 136th annual reunion at Masser’s Banquet Hall in Paxinos. The associations gave out well over $45,000 in scholarships to students who will be graduating this week from Shamokin Area.

• Cheers to Northumberland County President Judge Charles H. Saylor, who recently sentenced two squatters who tried their hardest to make a mockery of the judicial system. Despite their attempts at undermining the court, which included refusing to identify themselves and refusing to leave their jail cells to attend the sentencing, Saylor remained fair and unbiased throughout the proceedings.

• Jeers to those who are opposing the continuance of Dr. Raymond Kraynak’s trial for his alleged involvement in operating a “pill mill” through his practice in Mount Carmel. In due time, justice will undoubtedly be served, but those looking for “swift justice” or are hoping to see Kraynak be punished without due process are completely off base.

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