• Cheers to the AOAA for hosting another successful Jeep Jamboree national event over the weekend. While the debate for and against having riders in town will always continue, and both sides have valid points, let’s take a moment to give credit to the AOAA’s board of directors for what they have accomplished since opening the park. In 2010, anyone who suggested tourism would be viable in Shamokin was laughed out of the conversation, yet the board of directors managed to do just that. Saturday’s event attracted 178 riders, many from out of the area, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

• Jeers to those in the Mount Carmel community who have talked down the effects of having Bucknell students working in the area looking for ways to stimulate depressed local economies. Are the students going to save our towns? Maybe not. Are they the answer to all of our problems? Definitely not. Are they doing more for the community in discussing the issues than those complaining about them? Absolutely.

• Cheers to the group of 10 student-athletes who helped during the cleanup on and around the Cameron Bridge in Coal Township and Shamokin on Saturday. The area looks wonderful.

• Cheers to the person who won the $2 million jackpot that was sold at Puff Discount on Race Street in Shamokin for last Monday’s Cash 5 drawing. Here’s to hoping the winner is an area resident.

• Cheers to the Shamokin Police Department officers who were involved with Thursday’s warrant sweep, which resulted in 394 outstanding warrants being processed and disposed of from Shamokin. Magisterial District Judge John Gembic said he plans to create a Facebook page to list the names of people with active warrants with the hopes they will voluntarily turn themselves in to resolve outstanding legal issues.

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