Cheers and jeers for the past week of news:

Jeers to the Elysbug woman charged with replacing fentanyl with saline at GMC while working as a cardiac invasive specialist. Although her alleged actions seems self-serving, it put all at risk working and being treated in the facility.

Jeers to the Catholic church and its systematic coverup of the sex abuse of a what a grand jury report says was the molestation of more than 1,000 children. Although the Harrisburg Diocese clarified the action on Pease and Beeman, it’s impossible to rationalize something more could have been done much sooner.

Cheers to the honor guard who participated in the salute to veterans at Knoebels Amusement Resort bandshell Wednesday to a great turnout. It’s nice to reminded our hometown amusement park still take the opportunity to put in the spotlight those who have served.

Jeers to the couple charged in connection with the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl. The blatant abuse of minors is at the forefront of the news. The criminal complain on these happenings are not only deeply concerning on a timely basis, but just in general. Adults should be building up, supporting and providing safe places for our next generations and it seems like just the opposite is almost becoming the norm.

Cheers to the names of abusive members of the Catholic church’s names — whether they were involved firsthand or tried to cover it up — being removed from buildings and monuments. It’s already incredibly disturbing, but there is no reason these enablers and abusers should be held in any esteem, nor should the victims have to see those names held in praise.

Cheers to another season of sports for local athletes. We believe the coal region has some of the very best around and we look forward to following their accomplishments.

Cheers to yet another successful Salem UCC Peach Festival. The annual event is always a local hit with more than 400 in attendance this year. From prep to production to peach time, the volunteers always make sure the event goes off without a hitch and it’s a bright spot in the area locals look forward to every year.

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