The News-Items cheers and jeers from the past week of news:

• Cheers to the students from Shamokin Area High School that were involved in the production of this year’s musical, “Les Miserables.” The News-Item has received several calls looking to congratulate the crew for a job well done.

• Jeers to the actors involved in Saturday evening’s brawl on Fifth Street in Shamokin. Our city has made serious strides in attempting to become a better place, and events like Saturday’s do nothing but hold back those who are attempting to do good in our community.

• Cheers to the organizers of Saturday’s cleanup at the Shamokin Cemetery. It goes without saying that the property needs some work put into it, and The News-Item is excited to see the end result at the conclusion of summer.

• Jeers to those on social media who jumped to conclusions and began posting that Shamokin Area High School had been placed on lockdown Thursday before it was confirmed. As a media outlet, we sympathize with the urge to get important information out to the public in a timely manner, but accuracy trumps having the story first every time. The false reports did nothing but upset worried parents who were not privy to the facts of the situation.

• Cheers to approximately 25 guests who attended Thursday’s Mount Carmel Community Gardens meeting in conjunction with Bucknell University students. The highlight of the presentation revolved around the students looking to hand the project off to the community. Here’s to hoping the community steps up and supports such a beneficial contribution to the borough.

• Cheers to the organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Girardville, who once again pulled off a solid production that paired perfectly with Saturday’s beautiful weather. The event, though out of our area, continues to be a huge attraction for area residents year-in and year-out.

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