Much of politics is name recognition, presentation and marketability. Recently, the House passed The Equality Act. A great name.

Names, however, can be very deceiving.

After all, why would anyone oppose equality?

Congress’ loudest LGBTQ adherent Democrat David Cicilline, introduced the bill that was supported by every House Democrat that now awaits vote in the Senate.

Don’t be bamboozled by its benevolent title because this legislation, no matter how one tries to square it, is a direct assault on our constitutional religious liberties and the First Amendment in general.

This legislation needs to be renamed: “The LGBTQ Indoctrination Act” and here’s why.

Medical professionals would be forced to participate in abortion procedures that undermine their conscience rights by threatening discrimination charges if they refuse. They would also have to provide sex-change operations and coerce people to deny biological realities by making them acknowledge someone’s preferred gender and sexual orientation.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said the legislation would include, “the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion this country has ever seen.”

Natasha Chart who chairs the Women’s Liberation Front and Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America said, “Under this bill, men and boys who identify as women and girls, will take away women’s small business grants and hard-won spots on sports teams. They will be allowed to live in women’s domestic violence shelters and use our locker rooms. And united as women, we are just not going to stand for it.”

Liberty Counsel Action’s webpage: “The Equality Act elevates sexual orientation and gender identity” to the same protected category as race. It will violate the religious freedom of Americans in numerous ways.”

Shop owners like Colorado baker Jack Phillips would be driven out of business. Religious charities that participate in adoptions would close because gay adoptions will be mandatory.

Lloyd Marcus, of the American Thinker writes that provided the “bill is the most aggressive assault on our constitutional religious liberties in U.S. history. If the Equality Act becomes the law of the land, every outrageous, tyrannical demand (of LGBTQ activists/enforcers) will become reality.”

Republican Jody Hice, of Georgia, who voted against the measure said, “The bill will erode the First Amendment and totally destroy religious liberties. This is an attempt to silence the Christian voice,” Hice said. “This is going to literally empower the federal government to force people to contrast their deeply held religious beliefs.”

Democrats want to paint anyone who dissents from LGBTQ sexual acceptance with the racists who opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

If there was ever any doubt that Democrats are out to destroy the American Republic, this is it.

Passage would eradicate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a law that prohibits government from encroaching on a person’s religious liberty. Essentially, this would place a bullseye on every person of faith with the opportunity to bring charges on non-conformers.

What the bill does do is endorse a far-reaching anti-life and anti-family agenda, while suppressing religious freedom. It is no understatement to say that the Equality Act is the biggest threat to religious liberty in American history.

Society has been effectively indoctrinated to tread very lightly around those who identify as LGBTQ. Years of turning a blind eye and hoping that by showing benevolence to their small community would end their vitriolic quest to handcuff Christian belief and tradition has only emboldened them.

This bill has quite effectively parlayed into the country’s hypersensitivities about tolerance. Congress is now on the verge of forcing Christians to betray their faith in favor of the Gallup-reported 3.8% of the nation’s population that identifies as such at the expense of the other 96.2%.

The ripple effect would reach far and wide, wreaking havoc on daily America, including public accommodations, employment, housing, you name it.

The Senate must vote down the Equality Act not only because of its poison toward Christianity, but its repugnancy to our nation’s egalitarian foundation. Allowing the federal government to enact laws that force people with strong religious convictions into compromising their beliefs is as unAmerican as it gets.

Provided establishment Republicans side with Democrats in the Senate the bill will pass and the only thing standing between religious liberty and tyranny would be President Trump’s veto.

Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes “Talking Points” for each Sunday edition.

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