This Labor Day we should celebrate America’s hard working men and women, especially the nurses, supermarket clerks, and other frontline workers who have faced unprecedented challenges this year. But as we recognize and honor them, consider that many in your state can be legally forced to pay money to a union or else be fired.

Why? Because Pennsylvania is one of the 23 forced-unionism states remaining in America. In your state, union officials enjoy a special privilege that allows them to legally threaten a worker to pay up or else be fired. By imposing a monopoly bargaining contract, all Pennsylvania employees in a unionized workplace, even those who reject union membership, can be forced to pay union fees to keep their jobs.

Mark Mix is president of the National Right to Work Committee and National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

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Another defense of free riding. If you're accepting the wages and benefits the union negotiates for you, either pay the dues or a fair share.

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