There is plenty to say about brevity, but that would defeat the purpose. Neither time nor space affords me the opportunity to opine on the many headlines, stories and political twists that comprise an average news day — let alone an entire week. With that in mind, and keeping with the column’s title, let’s take it one line at a time.

The Pentagon said they aren’t too concerned over last year’s audit that cost nearly $413 million — after all, what’s a few toilet seats.

Democrats need a review of basic civics with so many for granting 16-years-old the right to vote, abolishing the Electoral College and adding at least four more justices to the Supreme Court.

The latest drinking game is every time Bernie Sanders proposes a new free government program, you order a beer and the guy next to you pays the tab.

The fact that former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has been defrocked from the priesthood means little as his network of bishops he promoted remain in the ministry.

California will move its 2020 primary from June to early March, making them a much bigger player than ever before in choosing the Democratic Party presidential nominee.

Democrats have shifted so far left that Fidel Castro would be considered moderate.

The federal government spends over $4.4 trillion a year and President Trump wants $5 billion for the wall, which amounts to one-tenth of 1% that ironically is the same percent that Elizabeth Warren is Native American.

Skepticism, cynicism and doubt with the federal government is perhaps never been higher.

One recent study revealed that the filthiest location in the typical American home isn’t the kitchen floor or even the bathroom — it’s your computer hard drive.

Ethanol producers are fixated on federal mandates because without significant federal assistance, ethanol makes no economic sense.

Joe Biden’s strategy is to go after Millennial voters by campaigning basement-to-basement.

Given the Supreme Court’s center-right majority, they need to decide cases that reinvigorate representative government.

Leftists call Trump a warmonger and then blast him for calling off any attack on Iran.

One of the most important struggles in contemporary times is taking place between the people of Hong Kong and the dictatorship of Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping.

Regarding the recent changes with the SAT in assigning an adversity score, if achievement is not based on merit, can it really be called achievement?

Many Americans worry about the erosion of democratic norms, but too few show concern for the steady deterioration of free speech.

The consumer price index’s inflation rate is below two, which means that a decade of near-zero interest rates has not led to high inflation.

If tariffs on Mexican goods prevent illegal drugs from coming over the border, it will be Americans climbing over whatever border walls actually exist.

Alabama is tempting the Supreme Court to strike down Roe v. Wade, which is long overdue.

Contemplating the 75th anniversary of D-Day, it is nothing short of tragic when Americans become so divided by politics that they can’t find anything uplifting or positive to say about their exceptional nation.

China is coercively penetrating American institutions and Trump, unlike Obama, refuses to look the other way.

If one of the great mosques of Europe irrupted in flames would the news media blame some conservative party that had the audacity to actually question the wisdom of bringing millions of Muslim migrants into the heart of the continent?

The dystopian novel, “Slaughterhouse Five” by Kurt Vonnegut is celebrating its 50th year in print and despite the author’s opinion that the book was a failure; it has not only endured, but has become an American classic.

Have you noticed that behavior that was endured, ignored and simply dismissed by former presidents are now justifications for impeachment?

Signing on with Netflix the Obamas take is $100 million for “projects,” underscoring that even Michelle and Barack are doing better under Trump.

Chuck Stroup tells me that after watching the 20-plus Democrat candidates try to outdo each other in who is the most leftist of them all, England celebrated our Independence Day, too.

No matter how big, old or ornery we may think we are, when a two-year-old hands you a toy phone you answer it.

One sentence you will never hear uttered throughout any level of government since construction ended on the Boulder, now Hoover Dam: “The project came in early and under budget.”

Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes “Talking Points” for each Sunday edition.

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