Every action undertaken or proposed by the Trump administration seems to be subject to challenge. The resistance movement appears capable of tying everything up in legal knots, while complaining that nothing is being accomplished as a complicit federal judiciary goes along.

To wit: Asking one’s citizenship on the 2020 census.

Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes “Talking Points” for each Sunday edition.

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Wow again, Maresca who is a well known far left writer not only distorts the truth into Fake News but also blatantly misrepresent a Supreme Court decision. SCOTUS did not through out the decision but only sent it back with the majority more or less agreeing that the question should be on the census. The problem is it is moot due to the fact that census forms must be printed before the Court would hear the new wording to confirm the question. Thus, President Trump can use an executive order. Why are is it so important that we know who is in the Country and if they are legal citizens? Only an idiot would argue with this fact. Another fact is we have no idea how many illegal aliens are in our Country. Some estimates are as high as 40 million. It is prudent to assume with illegal aliens being able to receive benefits and driver's licenses that states like CA and NY along with many others are letting illegals vote. 5% of the 40 million illegals was enough to give Hillary the popular vote last election. When President Trump appointed a Commission to investigate voter fraud and illegal voting many states like CA, OR, WA, IL, and NY did not let the Commission investigate. Why? The Commission died for lack of being able to conduct a fair and honest investigation. This horror story has only just begun so now NY State has granted the right for illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses. All you need in NY to vote is a driver's license and a few other documents easy for anyone to obtain. What do you think is the plot of the new Socialist Democrats? Maresca knows this and knows it is actually a threat to our democracy to not know how many folks are here and if they are legal citizens or illegal aliens who have broken the law.

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