Democrats regained the House of Representatives, but Republicans were able to increase their seats in the Senate, suggesting that Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings resisted a second Democratic blue wave.

Democratic senators in Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota who voted against Kavanaugh’s confirmation lost their reelection bids, while the sole Democrat who voted for him held on to his West Virginia Senate seat.

The country’s divided Congress is a reflection of those who voted for it.

Moreover, when news broke that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, had recently fallen and suffered three broken ribs, the news found itself as a partisan metaphor for the nation’s political landscape. Depending on how you reacted to her accident likely reveals your opinion of today’s highly parochial political spectrum.

Further examination is in order.

The economy is growing and there are more jobs than people looking for work. Such success under the Trump presidency, we were told, was supposed to be an impossibility. After all, the previous president and his media allies informed us that an economy growing at 2 percent was “the new normal.”

Despite the election results, many economists believe that the effects on the national economy will be minimal in the coming months. Once upon a time in America, such economic news was celebrated across the aisle.

Not anymore.

Republicans should have coasted to victory just on the strength of the economy. The robust economy was quickly taken for granted and eventually dismissed as an unyielding liberal media had other agendas, in particular, its daily bashing of President Trump.

Black and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been, yet time and again, both groups overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Many Americans don’t seem to understand how radical Democrats have become, proving how constant hype can conquer reality.

No matter how you shape it, the anti-Trump contingent takes great pride in celebrating and exploiting propaganda for political gain. The most infamous since Trump took office was endorsing conspiracy theories of Russian collusion to steal the 2016 election.

Nothing stuck because it wasn’t true.

Trump has been accused of everything short of sinking the Titanic.

The lack of truth, vision and political savvy was no obstacle in the Democratic House victory. Given all the rhetoric, their House majority and leadership now seems more interested in presidential impeachment than legislative compromise.

Where is the civility that Hillary Clinton talked so much about prior to the midterms?

I suppose they have to finish counting ballots first.

As it was in the 2000 presidential election, Florida is again entangled in recounts for both its gubernatorial and senate races, accompanied by allegations of lost and stolen ballots and lawsuits. In Broward County, the Naples News reported, “It’s not unusual for Democrat Brenda Snipes, the head of Broward County’s election office, to find herself facing questions about bungled elections.”

In a page from the Democratic playbook, the county has more registered voters than are eligible.

What remains disconcerting is that such races which are so starkly contrasted are razor-thin victories.

Another leftist victory that was quite subtle, but will have far-reaching effects, also occurred in Florida when the electorate approved felons the right to vote, a move that will add nearly 1.5 million voters to the rolls.

How many will vote Democrat?

Florida has 29 electoral votes. It doesn’t need 1.5 million more voters to turn the state a permanent shade of blue; they need about 10,000.

Or even less.

Tight victory margins will be a thing of the past.

The calculus isn’t hard to conjure; the same Democrats who oppose voter ID must rely upon illegal immigrants, cemetery ballots, convicted felons and a healthy dose of historical and political illiteracy to win elections — a formula that is working, too.

Felons lost their right to vote when they committed the most egregious offenses against society. To afford them an equal ballot to every American who has skin in the game by working, paying their taxes, raising families and sending their sons and daughters off to war is unjust and foolhardy.

Voting is a privilege for productive, tax-paying citizens who can answer the same civics questions that applicants for citizenship do.

It’s the best and only way.

(Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes “Talking Points” for each Sunday edition.)

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Wow. "Voting is a privilege..." Just unbelievable. This is coming from a so- called "Real American".

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