On May 30, 1783, the Pennsylvania Evening Post and Daily Advertiser published its first daily edition, becoming the first daily newspaper not only in Pennsylvania, but in our young nation. Today, more than 200 daily and weekly newspapers across the commonwealth carry on the ideals of not only that newspaper, but the Constitution and the free press it ensures. Today, we stand with many other newspapers across the country to defend our profession and the communities we serve.

We are NOT Fake News. Journalists pledge to report real, honest and credible news. We go to school to learn how to tell people’s stories, record history, sift through the hazes of propaganda and uncover the truth. We cover the stories and uncover the information everyone in the community needs to make informed decisions on who to vote for, where to eat, and what to buy.

Mistakes are NOT Fake News. Journalists do their best to report truthful information. In today’s world of the 24-hour news cycle, sometimes we make a mistake in the rush to sort through conflicting information and tell a story. We then do our best to correct the error and learn from it. This misinformation happens for a variety of reasons, but the mistake is not deliberate nor is it malicious.

News you don’t like is NOT Fake News. Not all news is happy news. We cover the tragedies, the crime, the tax hikes, the shady backroom deals. Just because it makes us uncomfortable, or angry, doesn’t mean it’s any less true. Journalists would not be doing their jobs if they didn’t cover the things that unsettle us. Many times, those are the things that impact our lives the most.

Opinions are NOT Fake News. The editorials and opeds we write and publish are just that — opinion. We endorse candidates based on the information we have and who we think will best serve our community. You may agree with us, or you may not. That’s OK. Our job is to provide you with the facts so you can form your own opinion and make your own informed decisions.

Journalists are NOT the enemy of the people. We are the people. We live in the communities we cover and, just like everyone else, want those communities to succeed. For communities to be at their best, the people who live in them need to know what is happening. Journalists are the eyes, ears, and voice of the people we serve. We sit at the school board meetings so you know who the next principal will be. We attend the town council meetings so you know which company is building in your backyard. We ask tough questions of government officials so you know where and how your tax dollars are being spent.

For every candidate we investigate, there’s a small business owner we profile. For every tax hike we report, there’s a high school football/basketball/soccer win we celebrate. For every congressman we question, there’s a charitable event we share. There is nothing fake about the communities, the people, the businesses we cover. There is nothing fake about our loyalty to those same communities, people and businesses.

We are not perfect. We know that. We also know that the news we provide can play a vital role in keeping our communities safe and economically sound. We cannot allow our leaders to erode the public’s trust in the media. Doing so would also erode the quality of information you receive, affecting the decisions you make.

The First Amendment is just 45 words in length, but they are mighty. It guarantees our freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Journalists are your safety valves, whistleblowers and reporters-in-chief who cover everything from what is going on in your town, to the cat stuck in the tree. And, we are passionate about our duties to document the history of our communities and serve as watchdogs to protect the public’s interests… your interests.

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The Ajames article is very good. Congratulations. However, your writing is a little too kind and Schreff likes to say it like it is. The mainstream print media is run by large organizations who are too used to the Swamps in our great Land. They also are a product of the liberal era of America and the results show not only in the once great Gray Lady NYTimes but also in the Swamp Post, LATimes, Chicago Tribune and other papers in cities controlled by liberals for many, many years. The result is the birth of Fake News. This also filters down somewhat to are still great local papers. I can see. huge difference in their news reporting now versus decades ago when they weren't controlled by Swamp organizations. Now, there is little difference between editorials and news articles. Journalism has suffered and is close to death. Worse yet is tube and social media. Just watch CNN, msNBC, and Fox by flicking channels for a few hours and it is salient which is Fake, hate News and which is not. Try it. Even the major networks with biased folks like George S. et al are biased breeding a culture of Fake News at worst. Fake News is dangerous, ask any expert on the Goebbels' propaganda tactics in Germany before and during WW2.


Schreff, thanks for your reply.

Our country hasn't been this divided since the Civil War. Power and greed has been moving in a cataclysmic direction since WWII. It is a natural human trait. Our Constitution has been abused and manipulated from the highest government bureaucracies, to corporations, universities, and organizations, and yes, including the press. As you so stated, these powerful entities control our lives and our freedoms. To me, it is so obvious that we are now at an inflection point in our democracy. The last presidential election started a revolt against this cancer with the election of Donald Trump. But it will take blood, sweat, and tears, a lot of luck, and especially time to root out this disease that has metastasized for so long. That is why this next mid-term election is probably the most important election in our lifetime. It's now or never!!! If Trump loses the house, everything will come to a standstill, and I believe the stock market will fall drastically, since there will be no direction in sight for U.S. government policy. There is a lot at stake on both sides, and hopefully if Trump prevails, we can come to some kind of compromise and agreement where both sides benefit.


Thanks for the reply Ajames. I agree fully and reiterate that the fate of our Nation is at stake in the upcoming elections; however, reading Fake News who would know it. I the remember the good old days when the News was unbiased and trusted. Folks might hate President Trump's modus operandi but the fact is most of his policies are as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.


No, your not fake news! There is a difference between fake news and biased reporting of the news. And, yes, under the 1st Amendment you have the right to your opinion. But remember, we as your readers and subscribers, also have the right to question your intent to report the news fairly and unbiased. Example? Articles from other news sources that you use daily, and are selected by the editor, are mainly news sources with viewerships that are extremely liberal and anti-Trump, such as the NYT, Washington Post, Associated Press,and other main street media TV news organizations. The percentages of "leftist" articles from these sources compared to conservative media sources that you use are very high. For example, the satire cartoon in todays "Op-Ed Page" opposite your article on "Fake News", is anti-Trump. Out of the last 100 days, most of these cartoons have been anti-Trump. So, yes you're right, it is not fake news! Let's just call it selective reporting of the news. As a news source, it is your duty to be fair, unbiased, and patriotic in order for your viewership to be able to make clear, honest, and untainted decisions that affect their lives. Fake news connotes a lie, bias is a product of favoritism. I believe your readership, and a majority of people in this country know the difference!

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