To the editor: Male chauvinism increases the vulnerability of women. In a letter to the editor I wrote a few years ago with the title “‘Live-in-ism’ is a form of chauvinism,” I wrote how women have abdicated their rights to security and protection by allowing a ”live-in-boyfriend” since Pennsylvania state government did away with common-law marriages, which gave protection and rights to the female. Since that law has been repealed, women are extremely vulnerable because if their boyfriends die, they have no unstipulated inheritance claims. I stated that these vulnerable women are taking a giant step back into the Stone Age by allowing a live-in, which I believe is a blatant form of chauvinism since the men obviously have no desire to make a commitment.

In the Gospel of John Chapter 4 (NAB translation), Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus says to her, “Go, call your husband.” “I have no husband,” replied the woman. “You are right in saying you have no husband!” Jesus exclaimed. “The fact is, you have had five, and the man you are living with now is not your husband.”

Jesus, out of love for her, was concerned how she made herself so vulnerable and how she allowed all these men to obviously take advantage of her. None of them had the courage to make a true commitment to her, and so it is today.

As I wrote in that letter a few years ago, I say again, “Women, stand up for your rights and seek a true commitment before God’s altar in the church.”

And may I add, please don’t make yourselves so vulnerable to the male chauvinists.

Fr. Frank Karwacki

Pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Mount Carmel

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