I have been reading in the paper and seeing it on TV. The Mueller report is out and the president is not guilty of collusion. No collusion!

Democratic members of Congress get their panties in a bunch since their hopes and expectations were not met by the report. Mueller is now a traitor to them and not worth a plugged nickel. Attorney General Barr is a pawn or Trump.

So now what do we do, they say. Well, the report says there were attempts by the president to obstruct the continuation of Mueller’s investigation, hence it is obstruction of justice and we’re going to prove it and nail the jerk.

What is the definition of obstruction? It is not a dirty word implying treason or crime. The word obstruct means to stop. I agree that the president tried to stop Mueller’s investigation in its tracks. Why?

In my opinion, President Trump knew he was innocent. He also knew what months of this investigation, and, yes, the follow-up investigations would cost this country in time, cash and personal damage to many people investigated and he tried to stop it. I agree. Was he right to do so? No, but in his mind he thought he was right.

Now here’s my own take on this. In every business corporation, there is a CEO and a board of directors. What does the CEO do? He runs the corporation for the benefit of stockholders and the business. For the benefit of the company. The board of directors acts as advisers/directors and does just that. They advise the CEO and keep him in check, also for the benefit of the company.

Apply this analogy to the current situation. Trump was a businessman who came into this presidency a neophyte, but he knew what this investigation would do to the country and its people (the corporation). The White House staffers (the board of directors) advised him against obstruction (trying to stop) the investigation and he took their advice.

The board of directors did what they were paid to do and stopped the CEO from actions that would harm himself and prevent him from effectively running the company (the country).

Get it?

Now, not only did the CEO (President Trump) follow the board of directors’ (staffers) advice, but he allowed the board of directors, all of ‘em, to be interviewed if questioned. He also allowed the release of thousands and thousands of memos and paperwork. He was fully transparent regarding this matter and did not even evoke executive privilege.

So now get this and get it straight. In my opinion, he may have wanted to obstruct (stop) the investigation for reasons he thought was good but after good advice for his board (staffers) he did not, so no obstruction, no crime.

That’s it and that’s all.

God bless America.

Karl J. Kort


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Interesting analysis. Can you explain why this innocent man refused to cooperate personally? Why did president Trump refuse repeatedly, for months to testify under oath as to his personal knowledge? Why would he not agree to put one hand on the Bible and raise the other, and swear under oath to truthfully answer questions about the events around the Russian election meddling? Why did he stonewall? What’s he hiding? In his limited written answers to questions he seems to have had amnesia, unable to remember much of anything. So, it looks like he’s a crook or suffering from dementia. Either way he should be shuffled out of the White House.
Also, don’t you want to see his tax returns? Is he paying his fair share? Or is the CEO cheating his shareholders?

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