Our Father in Heaven,

You are the one constant in my life that is always and only good. You are completely trustworthy all the time. There is never a reason I should ignore You, take You for granted or walk away from You. Every moment of every day my life should aim at You and pursue after You and Your will for my life.

Father, would You please forgive me for the many, many times I’ve not done what I just said I should never do? Would You please be gracious and merciful to me and help me to grow and mature past my immaturity, ignorance and downright insanity? How insane is it to think I might know a better way or have a better idea about something than You do? How crazy is it to think I can ignore You and Your will for my life and not experience sad and painful consequences? How delusional is it to turn from Your path and expect all the blessings You want to give me because of faithful obedience will still be mine to experience and enjoy?

Father, on this horrible, ugly, cruel day we commonly call Good Friday, would you please pour out a blessing of forgiveness on undeserving sinners like us? Long ago, Your Son the Lord Jesus Christ, made such a request for those who greatly misused and abused Him as He was nailed and hung on that old, rugged cross to die (Luke 23:33-34). Would You please forgive our modern-day mistreatment of You and lead us back into a right relationship with You through faith, confession and repentance so that we might know how good, Good Friday can really be? In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Alan Langelli

Pastor, Grace Chapel

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