On Friday, April 5, I took my wife to Weis Markets in Shamokin and I parked in the parking lot for about 10 minutes and began having chest pains.

A gentleman came out of the store to his car, which was parked next to me.

I asked him to go into the store and have my wife paged to come out to the car. When he came back out, he immediately called 911 to get an ambulance.

He was told the nearest one was in Mount Carmel.

The store’s assistant manager and two other employees came out to the store to help. One fellow was telling me how to breathe. The assistant manager also got me water to drink and also directed the ambulance to where I was parked.

The gentleman that was helping me also moved his car so the ambulance would have more room to park.

The ambulance arrived and I was immediately put in and attended to. They drove me to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville to the emergency center. The doctors and nurses took care of me and later in the day put me in the Cardiac Unit, eighth floor.

It was determined that I had a mild heart attack. I received excellent care for four days and was then discharged.

God really took care of me by sending all the help for me. I must thank all the people from Weis Markets, the gentleman who called 911 and all he did and all the other people. I don’t know your names but I pray that God will give you all a special blessing for your care of me when I was hurting.

Thank you!

Glenn L. Henninger


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