To the editor: I just finished reading the letter to the editor from Mr. Splitt and couldn’t help but wonder if he put any thought into his ramblings. As in all his other letters, it was full of words of hate towards Mr. Trump and the Republican Party, yet he states “people should stop playing politics and begin a new era of reconciliation and cooperation.”

Mr. Splitt states in his letter about vulgar “anti-Biden” flags and other items visible to the public and displayed at some of our local homes, and that there are a number of “F- — Biden” flags draped from area porches. Well, Mr. Splitt, what would you say to the comment that Congresswoman Tlaib made at a political rally, to wit, “We’re going to impeach the mother------!” To me, that speaks volumes of the upbringing she had — and the Democratic Party as a whole.

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