Back in the 1950s, the years of my youth, we had “air raid “drills. We had monthly sirens testing our alert systems. Some families built concrete shelters in their basement. What was the purpose of these things? We were preparing for a possible nuclear attack by the USSR — Russia.

The threat continues today with Russia as our adversary. Their interference with the last presidential election and their concern regarding the next election is a threat to our democracy, our freedom and the stability not only of the U.S. but the entire world.

The brilliant Vladimir Putin has now taken another route to weaken our country and possibly win a war without the old nuclear bomb. His approach is to use Donald Trump as his assault weapon on our Constitution. He gave the wealthy a huge tax cut with the promise that corporate windfalls which will benefit everyone. However, the policy of trickle down economics has not been successful. What we now have is a weakened America. We now have Americans fighting each other. We have politicians, Democrats and Republicans in a battle with each other. It’s an internal war, inspired by Putin! It’s not the old political game. It’s different! It’s out of hand and it’s a threat to our existence.

Trump’s agenda, Putin’s plan, is working. Yes, the brainchild to this approach to conquer America is Vladimir Putin. He is certainly brilliant. He is pleased with the current political discord in our country.

It’s time to stop this foolishness and get back to what made this country great. Putin’s goal is to foster political instability. He has been effectively intensifying and provoking our national polarization and has moved our federal government to the brink of authoritarianism. If Putin wins, we all lose!

We are all Americans and it’s about time this President realizes the Democrats are not the enemy. It appears the Republicans are more interested in desperately clinging to power than preserving the health of our democracy. We need to act like Americans and work with each other for the betterment of everyone. Our political future rides on the forthcoming court decisions and the will of informed citizen who have been presented with accurate facts.

Kenn Splitt


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