To the editor: Biden is a 47-year career politician with no accomplishments. Biden is pro-abortion, will raise taxes, can’t remember where he went to college, a sexual predator, uses a terrible family tragedy to pathetically get votes, lied about law school grades, has no issue with illegal immigrants, is a lap dog for the Chinese, has no support from the police and sees the rioting and looting as some sort of social expression. If you work on the pipeline or in the coal industry understand your job will go away with Biden.

Harris is an anti-Catholic bigot. When Harris was California’s attorney general she vigorously supported prosecuting the Catholic Little Sisters of the Poor and forced several Catholic Daughters of Charity hospitals to close. When a judicial nominee came before the Senate she voted against him because he belonged to the Catholic organization, the Knights of Columbus. Bigot Harris voted against Supreme Court Justice Barrett, one of the best educated, trained and experienced nominees of the past 100 years. Justice Barrett is Catholic and in bigot Harris’s eyes that automatically disqualifies Justice Barrett.

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Amy barrett has had 2 years in private practice had never tried a case never argued a appeal Never argued before the supreme Court most cases where civil not criminal cases and never served as a judge until 2017. You really think she is the best nominee?


As to the name calling by the author—“ He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” John 8:7


Coal Country 1 , I could not agree more !!


My conscience is quite clear and I am a practicing Catholic, there are more issues to vote for than abortion. The author states: no wonder the country is falling apart, he is right , but who is the current President? Trump, that is the reason the country is falling apart.


CoalCountry1 :: Very true !!!

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