To the editor: Adding more economic pain to the skyrocketing inflation that’s running wild, Medicare Part B monthly premiums will increase by $21.60 starting in January 2022. The current $148.50 will jump to $170.10. That’s a whopping 14.5 percent increase, the largest increase in its history.

Senior citizens should put the coming 5.9 percent Social Security COLA in perspective, because simple math shows it’s of little help in the current economy. As an example, for a person receiving $1,300 a month the COLA will add $76.70. Sounds good, right? But wait, the $21.60 Medicare increase means they will net only $55.10 of the COLA, because Part B premiums are auto deducted before seniors get their Social Security check. That’s also before they struggle to put a loaf of bread on the table and pay more for prescription meds they need.

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I think someone has consumed just a little too much of OAN and it's friends.

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