To the editor: I had the opportunity to hear a homily by Father Edward Meeks, of Christ the King parish in Towson, Maryland. I see on social media that many others have seen it and shared it. The purpose of my letter is to spread Father Meek’s message. While I completely agree with his message, I take no credit for the intelligent, articulate and truth of his homily.

Father Meeks’ homily was entitled “Staring into the Abyss.” He made it clear that the message he put forth was formed by the word of God and not by politics.

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America was formed as a result of people running from religious persecution. That’s why we constituted under the notion of separation of church and state. The author seems to imply that if the candidate isn’t a strict follower of Christ he is unworthy. The candidates followings, weather its Biden or the Supreme Court nominee, should not be a factor. AND if followings to religious teachings was a prerequisite, well, then Mr. Trump would certainly be disqualified as he has broken most of the Ten Commandments.


Coal Country 1 :: you are exactly right !! Also , who is he to question Joe Biden's faith , or anyone else's? I am a practicing Catholic and I intend to vote Biden , for exactly the reasons you stated. Religion should have no bearing on how we vote!!

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