To the editor: According to Newsweek’s Oct. 16 issue, our super-rich politicians like Sen. Mitch McConnell, at a salary of $193,000 per year, Sen. Paul Ryan, at $223,500, and Sen. Marco Rubio, at $174,000, once again want to cut Medicare, Medicaid and elders on Social Security some $12,000 to $15,000 per year to fix a deficit they created, all in the name of “welfare” and “entitlements.”

The facts are that if these politicians and others like them didn’t use elder insurance programs like cash cows to pay for their wars and affording free food, housing, health care and education to illegal aliens and welfare recipients, they could extend benefits to our grandchildren long into the future.

Social Security, along with Medicare/Medicaid, are not entitlement programs for the unworthy; they are insurance programs paid for by our working or retired elderly for them to use. It is not money for politicians to use as they see fit.

If politicians want to cut back on welfare and other entitlements, they should not give recipients 101 reasons or ways to stay in the programs, but instead should cut the number of people on welfare and other programs like food stamps (SNP), free housing with utilities and free education. They should limit family size per entitlement program or lower the maximum allotment for larger households. And those in a household who are able to work should work, not be on welfare and contribute to depleting Social Security. These actions would save billions that could be put toward the deficit without penalizing our elderly.

Ryan, the same man who in 2015, while cutting our elders’ fixed incomes by cutting Medicare and Medicaid coverage and increasing premiums and deductibles, made the statement: “Low income elders always find a way when the are afforded less.” Shortly after that insult, he was elected Speaker of the House at a salary of $223,500, a $50,000 a year increase. Hypocrites.

When are the politicians going to stop punishing our elderly at their own discretion? Everyone knows where cuts should be made. In the past two years, how much do you think our Congress has done for us as citizens in the United States? Do you think what they did do is worth at least $174,000 each in salary plus benefits? What do you think they cost us with all their bickering, investigations, accusations, hearings, court sessions and lawsuits?

If you want answers, ask your congressman and or senator. But, if you know the answers, tell your congressman and or senator.

Bill Miller


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The symptoms of far left bias syndrome and political ignorance are similar. This article is an example of both. Isn't it funny that only names the author mentioned in the article are Republican politicians? This proves us the symptom for far left bias truly exists with the writer . There is absolutely no recognition that Democrats and Independent make the same salaries for the same positions or that they are part of the do nothing about the entitlement programs Swamp? This blind bias is prevalent with far left folks who suffer from far left bias syndrome. Not only that but the article itself is built on a foundation of inaccuracies and untruths. The fact is that SS, Medicare and Medicaid has over a one hundred trillion in unfunded liabilities which will make the system go broke by 2021 according to the CBO and FED. The last bailout for we seniors was when President Reagan signed the compromised bill in 1983. Since then all DCSwamp politicians have had their heads in the sand. Don't blame conservatives because it was President Johnson who first put his hands in the SS Trust Fund cookie jar and began the stealing of seniors monies. The Trust is not within the discretionary spending category within the DC Swamp. Next, the proof of the writer's political ignorance. First, he uses Newsweek as a source while if he would have researched he would have found Newsweek is on top of the Fake News publications. Second, he seems to forget that the discretionary programs and socialist's free stuff are at the heart of a Federal Government gone wild. He doesn't understand that lobbyist money control both parties in Washington and will unto the impossible task of draining the Swamp occurs if ever. Wasteful spending and free stuff just wasn't meant to be when our Founding Fathers conceived a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Remember President Reagan felt that government wasn't the solution, government was the problem and history has proven him right. We are close to the point where unless conservatives, moderates and Democrats wake up the new far left party, Rhinos, and pure socialist will get their wish and the USA will become the Union of Socialist America.

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