To the editor: I would like to start by saying thank you to Shamokin Mayor John Brown for the email I received last week allowing me to continue to serve on the city’s landlord-tenant board. I would also like to thank our city council, Solicitor Konopka, Councilman Roughton and Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Fromm for their support in the matter as well.

As it has been publicized in the last few months, the city administrator has met me with resistance in the matter, and I am thankful that those mentioned have decided to allow me to continue with my service to the good people of the City of Shamokin, despite the pressure.

We have five great minds on this board, so there is no reason not to have faith in it moving forward. I’d like to again take the opportunity to express my interest in working with the mayor and council to better local relations and move forward for the sake of progress in Shamokin.

Like every ordinance, things need to be updated, followed and executed correctly in order to bring its full potential to fruition, and curb the many problems we have in this area of the city. This ordinance was put in place in 2016 to ensure landlords are doing their duties, and also to make sure tenants are renting suitable housing. A big thank you to our code enforcement officer and his team for working constantly on this issue in the city. It is one of our biggest issues. While to some this board means very little, to those serving and those in need, it is one of the most important.

I will continue to serve with honor, dignity and respect to the people.

Joe Leschinskie Jr.

Northumberland County Republican Committeeman-Ward 5


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Have you had a look lately on Pearl St in the fifth ward of the fine city of Shamokin? Where is your supervision of the landlords renting those fine establishments? While your there take a look at that blight!

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