To the editor: I think this will be an unpopular opinion but I feel like someone should write about it.

With the recent Supreme Court decision about the baker not wanting to bake a gay couple a wedding cake, I noticed a disturbing trend on social media profile pictures with the rainbow flag on them.

Granted, if your an individual, that’s your right. But big businesses like Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola, GameStop, McDonald’s, Target, Google, AT&T and Nike all have the rainbow symbol for pride. I recall former Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly reporting about “The War on Christmas” and recently President Trump stating, “We are going to start saying Merry Christmas again!” But can you imagine these corporations having a picture of Jesus on their profile? I’m sure it would spark national protest.

My point is, why are big businesses catering to the LBGTQ community? Do they fear they won’t be as hip as much as the millennial generation believes they are? When I was 18, I don’t remember the hype, but, then again, being a Christian is like being a second-class citizen in this country. But pride month gets celebrity endorsements from everyone; singers, athletes and even some religious institutions are getting into it. I had to leave my church because of pride month.

I believe businesses should stick to being a business and stay out of politics; because of the exclusion factor it may cause an alienating of half of your customers. Will they stop? Probably not. But I fear as younger generations become more and more liberal and don’t decide for themselves on trending political issues, the branding of hot-button political issues is only going to worsen.

David P. Molesevich

Coal Township

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