To the editor: I was brought up by public school teacher parents, having hopeful American values, with the thought that it was my civic duty to frequent polling places. One set of grandparents came on steam ships from impoverished Scotland to establish a better life based on hard work. But, I am labeled as a privileged white deplorable with my head in the 19th century who is insensitive to the ancient damage western civilization did to primitive and savage aboriginals. We hear incessant modern political hogwash from a collective of power-seeking minorities who oppose our majority tribe of European descendants. Non-European minorities have never had it so good with work prospects and a full plate of opportunity for self-improvement.

That being said, I remember the cliché of one of my graduate school mentors, “Hard work never hurt anyone.” But if you like welfare and don’t like hard work, you can use your vote to attempt to degrade our system of meritocracy to one of socialistic mediocrity.

Penalize successful people that provide leadership, management and ideas by voting for those who want to tax the successful and give to themselves while dribbling out welfare to their followers. Vote for those who use large government to create jobs, any kind of jobs, to reward their followers with work that detrimentally displaces other jobs that actually contribute to our economy. Vote for divide and hate as a strategy to acquire political power and for sure participate in publicized street rallies and marches in preference to going to work. Vote for hedonistic and agnostic values that degrade religious family values as a way to change the social norms of generations of Americans. Are these major political party’s sick goals and preferences right for you?

Please evaluate your own personal goals and preferences and vote. Resist the suggestion to stay home, because of the false news of sure thing outcomes; we know for sure that polls are skewed by pollster/media bias and have major problems with getting representative samples. I remember my parents shock at Truman’s totally unexpected triumph over Dewey’s predicted win; Truman had a great presidency and had a catchy saying, “The buck stops here.” We all remember our surprise at Trump’s unbelievable outcome over Clinton’s predicted win; Trump really is energetically following campaign promises, like a bull in the progressive china shop, and also has a catchy saying, “make America great again.”

Ken Young


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Very good article Mr. Young. In the far left's attempt to socialize America ,the most salient four motifs that are being fiddled by their radical far left Nero are: Fake News, Free Stuff, Bad Far Left Educators and Swamp Creatures in big city and rural swamps. Folks must research all sides of the candidates before they vote and they must vote. . It's all about the future our our Nation.

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