To the editor: Trump shut down the government over the notorious border wall, had his highly respected defense secretary leave with an exceptionally critical resignation letter (but Trump said he actually fired him and he leaves two moths earlier than initially planned). He has ongoing issues with trade and tariffs and recently questioned and condemned the Federal Reserve Chairman. His action is now rocking the stock market.

It certainly has not been a good holiday season for him. However, he did get to watch “Home Alone” when he was by himself, alone in the White House.

Trump’s actions and self-praise during his recent so-called “press conference” were amusing. His chief of staff resigned but he quickly named a replacement, a “yes man,” another lackey or backscratcher who is unqualified. The Mueller investigation continues and the New York prosecutors are on his back. Now welcome Mitt Romney, who could also be a thorn in his side.

Recently, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas and Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee, announced they will retire and not seek re-election. Perhaps they feel this is how to get away, with dignity and honor, from the Trump caravan.

However, the big change in Washington, D.C., has arrived. The Democrats are now in control of the House. This new group of lawmakers will initiate numerous investigations and seek answers to questions that have been avoided for the past two years. I don’t think many of these investigations will concentrate or specifically lead to impeachment proceedings. The new “kids on the block” have a unique agenda and they realize that impeachment charges are not clear enough to take that route. Also, the Republicans control the Senate and a conviction would be far from certain.

Is Trump incompetent? Oh my, yes. Is he a bully? I believe so. Is he a criminal? Perhaps he is. The deals and coverups that took place before he became president appear to expose a criminal intent.

The impeachment process is a drawn-out process. If it followed a similar timeline as the Nixon story, it would likely conclude at about the time of the 2020 elections. There is one big difference: the Nixon and Watergate procedures began at the beginning of Nixon’s second term.

I don’t believe the Democrats will concentrate on impeachment. Their efforts will be to seek change via the election process by gaining more seats in Congress. This is certainly a less risky route to success. What the Democrats really need is a great candidate in 2020. I don’t feel Biden, Warren or Sanders fit that mold.

On the other hand, many Republicans would likely tell you Trump is not what they need. Do they really desire to continue with a leader who does not consult his generals in the military, his staff and even Congress when making a decision? Trump reacts “from his gut” and many times does not give his personnel a courtesy heads-up on his actions. Many Republicans are fed up with Trump but they won’t admit it. Impeachment could be an avenue to get the Trump circus out of town and have Pence take the reigns. However, how would you appease the Trump base plus the Trump supporters who are in Congress? Another issue is the senatorial map for 2020; it does look much different than in 2018 and the Republican leadership will closely look at that factor.

If the economy pulls back, the popularity and good will, support and belief in Trump will decline. Also, the Hispanic, African-Americans and millennials outside the South could have a huge impact regarding support for Trump.

Reviewing those facts, the Democrats who wish to “throw the bum out” are sadly mistaken. Perhaps the Mueller report will expose some things that will drastically change and Trump would be forced to resign. Even Nixon sought an honorable end. Trump doesn’t understand that concept.

Oh well, “It’s 5 o-clock somewhere.” Perhaps we should sit at our favorite watering hole, tell the band to play another song, have the bartender fill up our glasses and prepare for a long national hangover.


Kenn Splitt


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