To the editor: This year, the Mount Carmel Area High School Class of 1968 held its 50th anniversary reunion. There have been many reunions over the past five decades, but the 50th was one of the best attended and the most fun.

The friendships that were rekindled and the memories that were shared were truly awesome. Equally awesome was the generosity shown by the class in marking the occasion. The reunion committee, on behalf of all class members, decided to make a significant contribution, from its surplus funds, to help people in their hometown.

The classmates’ donation of $400 to support the Mount Carmel Area Food Pantry will go a long way in meeting an important community need. In the month of November, 105 families (a total of 307 people) within the Mount Carmel Area School District were served at the pantry, thanks to the generosity of businesses, organizations and individuals.

It should be mentioned that six members of the class of ’68 volunteer at the Mount Carmel Area Food Pantry on a regular basis.

The class also made a donation to the Mount Carmel Area Public Library. The library, which is experiencing serious financial problems, likewise serves the entire school district — so I am sure this donation was also very much appreciated.

No doubt many other reunion classes in every community in The News-Item circulation area have shown similar generosity over the years in supporting programs and institutions in their hometowns that truly make a difference. There is no better way of demonstrating love and loyalty for one’s present or former community than doing something tangible to make a difference there.

God bless the MCA Class of 1968 and alumni from all Coal Region high schools who haven’t forgotten their hometowns.

Jake Betz

MCA Class of 1968 member

Food pantry executive director

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