To the editor: As usual, Clausi cannot control his habitual lying and innuendo.

Earlier this year, my law practice began leasing some space in an existing office in Shamokin Dam. This space is in addition to my office in Sunbury, and is more easily accessible for some of my clients. I cannot imagine what relevance that has to my position at the county, but thank you for the free advertising.

Mr. Clausi’s original statement says that I “moved” my law practice out of the county. In order for him to believe I had “moved” something out of the county, doesn’t he have to believe that the something first existed in the county?

Since becoming a commissioner and leaving the firm I was formerly with, I have continued to practice law and have done so out of an office located in my home. I have an older home in Sunbury with multiple entrances and extra rooms that lend themselves to having a home office, and while I am not going to take the time to dig through archived files to find the paperwork, I applied for and received zoning approval from the City of Sunbury to run a law office out of my home. You are free to spend the time to request those records from the city, although any hope that I might have had that our local media will start to focus on meaningful issues for our community instead of Clausi craziness will instantly evaporate if you do. If you care to inquire at the post office, the state corporations bureau or the Northumberland County or Pennsylvania bar associations, the address they have for my practice is the address of my home office.

I conduct business out of the home office, have computers, printers, files, etc., at the home office. I am not sure what constitutes qualifying as an office to Clausi, but I know I don’t care. I do not have a sign for the office at my home location, as I meet with people there by appointment only and do not want to encourage unscheduled walk-ins of people I don’t know while my family may be at home, but I am not. If you think this is being paranoid, consider for a moment that a person with the behavioral issues that Mr. Clausi has is apparently stalking me and my movements.

I began leasing the space on the strip due to the fact that it is more accessible for some clients than my home office, and I have a growing number of clients for which that geographic location is more convenient. I have known the owner of the business that owns the building for years and it was mutually beneficial for us to have this arrangement. Not that I need or seek the approval of the likes of Mr. Clausi.

As for Point Township, they have been a longstanding client of mine. The compensation paid by the township to my law practice varies from year to year, depending on how much legal work they ask me to do for them. While I don’t have exact numbers in front of me at this moment, I can tell you that the amount paid by the township to my firm in each of at least the last several years was well below the amount Clausi states. Again, the relevance eludes me, other than to underscore Clausi’s willingness to lie to the public. I would imagine these amounts are also well below the amounts Clausi received from his business dealings during the time he was a commissioner.

I would point out that, unlike Mr. Clausi’s blatant lie that I am the highest paid solicitor in Northumberland County (he has dialed this lie back a bit; you may recall a few years ago he claimed I was the highest paid in the country), what is true is that I am not the only attorney in the county whose practice is based out of a home office. There are several who come to mind, including Mr. Clausi’s underling Ms. Best. Also, Mr. Clausi on Thursday inquired with Point Township about exactly what I’ve been paid. It’s definitive evidence that he lied to the public when he threw a number out that he had no reason to believe was true when he asked for it to be published to the public in your newspaper.

Also, his ranting about a resolution regarding employment in the marijuana industry is perplexing for a number of reasons. Firstly, while he did very little to help bring jobs into Northumberland County while he was a commissioner, I do not recall that he ever proposed such a resolution to apply to himself or his family members in connection with the precious few jobs he may have managed to create. Secondly, I don’t put any stock in anything he has to say in relation to ethical considerations, as I know both he and his protege on our current board to be compulsive liars with no moral compass. With that being said, the chances of me, or a member of my family, ever being employed in the marijuana industry (an industry that none of us have any experience or expertise in) are roughly the same as Northumberland County citizens ever again electing Clausi to public office. Or let’s hope that’s the case.

I do want to thank Clausi for submitting another example of his utter inability to tell the truth. Most of the county’s population had already forgotten about him, like a distant, bad memory. We can be thankful he takes the time to occasionally remind us how dysfunctional the county government was during his tenure as a commissioner, and why he is, and has always been, wholly unfit for public office.

Rick Shoch


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