To the editor: My heart goes out to the Bowers with the God’s Chuckwagon bus. They work very hard trying to do God’s calling. With their medical issues and with very little help, they continue to march forward each and every day.

Yes, there is a need for this service in our area. May I suggest to some, please take off your rose-colored glasses, look around, count your blessings and volunteer some time.

Please continue to donate to this cause. It will do the heart good. After all, we are all created equal in God’s eyes.

Beverly Swales


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I usually post from a small smartphone and the result is numerous typographical errors. I appreciate The News-Item's Post a comment ability but would suggest that there be an opportunity to review the article written before posting. Thanks for your consideration.


We were a nation built on charity and helping our neighbors. Times certainly have changed with a huge inefficient gorvernments give free stuff and charities are hurting. It is a pity because the dedication of folks like this government should not stop truly needy individuals from being helped by churches, good charities and others who have big hearts.

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