To the editor: I see in the “Catholic Witness” newspaper that seven Pennsylvania dioceses, including the Philadelphia Archdiocese, will be starting a survivors’ fund for victims of the sex abuse scandal. Guess who will be asked to pay for this? If you guessed the people in the pews, you’re right. Any Catholic who contributes money to this fund is insane.

In addition, Bishop Ronald W. Gainer, who according to official reports tried to impede the grand jury investigation, has instituted a “year of penance” for the church and asks that we, the faithful, join in making reparations for the sins of the perpetrators and the bishops who hid their crimes. Unbelievable! Let the churchmen atone for their own sins; we, the faithful, are not responsible for their crimes.

We are being assured that no money currently being placed in the collection plates is going to pay off victims or to aid perpetrators with legal fees, but can we believe this assurance in light of all the lies that have gone on before? I very much doubt that.

Ann Gregory


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