To the editor: This country has endured the loss of thousands of citizens due to the coronavirus caused by the communist government of China. Many complain and accuse President Trump of being warned more than a dozen times about the seriousness of the virus during January and February.

In January and February, Dr. Fauci publicly announced that the virus was nothing to worry about. Nancy Pelosi encouraged people to attend celebrations in Chinatown. Mayor De Blasio told the people of New York to continue participating in entertainment venues. Gov. Cuomo said the virus is no worse than the other viruses and New York was well prepared.

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Stop the nonsense. The virus was already HERE when the ban was announced. He golfed and held rallies when people were already dying. God you people will follow this guy off a cliff.


There is no getting through to them , it's hopeless!


Well, there goes 2 minutes of my life I can never get back.


Once again , a cult follower. Why did you not mention when "Trump " told everyone that another solution was to inject disinfectants into their body? Also, put u v rays INTO the body. Many people actually did this, and yet you can't see what a danger Trump is to our society ! Do you honestly think this man is not mentally UNHINGED, and not fit to "rule" our country? I use the word "RULE" , because he has set himself up to be a KING , not an elected official. Also , your point about abortion and drug overdoses are mixing apples with oranges. What has ANY President ever done to get Roe vs. Wade overturned? NOTHING , and sadly they never will! Both of those horrible acts have NOTHING to do with the currant situation we are in. Abortion is a moral issue, and unfortunately even if Roe vs Wade were overturned , women would still find a way to kill their unborn. It went on for years in Ashland Pa.Same with people using drugs. It is an addiction , and the only people that can overcome it is the person themselves! Again , nothing to do with our current situation. God help us all, we must keep on praying for all of this to end !


I guess you have money to stay home? Or you enjoy the 600 dollars extra you receive on unemployment? Some people don't have that luxury. Free money that will cost tax payer's for years. But our government people are still receiving a pay while small businesses are closing. Take a chance and be safe when your out. From a kid on i was always told to wash my hands why as and adult you still need to be told.


Wow are you psycho?? LOL Another cult member!!


Abortion is a addiction? And abortion is not murder. It's their bodies and they have the right to not bring a child into the world that they potentially will not be able to care for or will greatly reduce the woman's chance at a better life.


If you are directing your comment to me, I have no clue why you think I was saying abortion was an addiction! I said abortion was a MORAL ISSUE that has nothing to do with the situation we are in, That said Drugs are an ADDICTION , and also have nothing to do with the current situation we are in. So why did she even link those 2 things in her letter ? That was the point of my comment I hope I am now making it clear to you.


Sorry my bad I misread your message.

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