To the editor: With Joseph J. Leschinskie Jr.’s recent court hearing, now a City of Shamokin council member, there seems to be some buzz surrounding his election. For those that do not know, roughly 13 years ago, Councilman Leschinskie pleaded guilty to violation of Pennsylvania Code Title 35, section 780-113, subsection A30, Manufacture, Delivery or Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, Cocaine. This is reflected through docket CP-49-CR-822-2008, and CP-49-CR-823-2008, which is a felony according to Pennsylvania code.

Councilman Leschinskie, now 37 and a parent, was 25 years old at the time. He believes this was a life changing event requiring his change. He made this felony public knowledge during his previous run for Shamokin mayor. A cursory Google search of “joseph j leschinskie shamokin” reveals 939 results. His conviction was publicized. He has no other convictions since. By 2014, he was actively involved in the Shamokin community.

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We live in a society of rules. Rules that should be evenly and equally administered to all. He’s a felon. Felons can’t hold office. Therefore he should step aside. You start making exceptions and it is a very slippery slope.

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