To the editor: In 2021, Richard Ulrich and I both ran successful political campaigns, and were both elected, on three high-priority items: pro-transparency, pro-police and against raising taxes. For years, I said Act 47 was a scam, and here they are again, trying to scam the local government into considering legal action against Northumberland County to sue and force a county wide property tax reassessment.

Under the last administration in 2019 and 2021, they twice tried to trick the residents of the city into voting for a tax hike by disguising Home Rule as a “Government Study Commission,” which was essentially going to be the group that would be writing a Home Rule charter, a process that could raise taxes anytime by a simple majority vote, with no caps on the taxes. I quickly and strategically fought against this, and the voters spoke twice in both elections and shot it down. I ran for a seat on that commission twice, and would have been successfully elected both times should it have passed, to stop that tax increase from happening. The last time Act 47 faced the public was in May of 2021, where they failed to disclose to the public that Shamokin was going to get an 18 month extension regardless in the program because of the COVID-19 pandemic prior to the vote on 2021 primary election day. 3 weeks to the day of the vote, the information of an extension was published in the News-Item. You can’t tell me the Act 47 coordinators didn’t know about this beforehand, but they chose to keep it hidden from us.

Tim Zyla can be reached at 570-644-6397 ext. 1341 or

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