To the editor: This election is not a referendum on Donald Trump. This election is a referendum on us.

We already know who Donald Trump is as a human being and as a president.

On Nov. 6, we will find out find out who we are as a people.

Do we want to be a people who imitates the speech and actions of Donald Trump?

Or do we wish to be a people who behave the way we teach our children to?

Tim Mannello


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The folks have a decision to make next Tuesday. Do they want a nation of today or a nation in the past. The last truly great president we had was Ronald Reagan. Now, we have President Trump. You may hate him, his language and his tweets but so what. Look at the results. The nation's economic health is the best in the history of the USA, our standing in the world is not wimpy but that of a leader, and our domestic policy is on track if only the Congress would get it done. Most of the divide in this nation started with Obama, the Fake News, the many far left Swamps and the minority of bad educators who are brainwashing our children. Clean those up and you can forget about the silly tweets by President Trump that you hate. Vote for those who want to make government less intrusive by making it smaller. Our government has failed at everything they have tried to do while growing trillion dollar deficits and hundreds of trillions of dollars in unfunded liability for SS, Medicare and Medicaid and now the far left wants Medicaid/Medicare for all including illegal aliens. Get real and research the truth while voting accordingly before it is too late. You owe it to future generations.


"The folks have a decision to make next Tuesday. "

Care to share the results?

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