To the editor: What a wonderful holiday weekend in Elysburg! Everything was awesome!

Thank you Ralpho Townshiop Fire Department and all the sponsors who made this 100th anniversary of “All Home Days” so successful. The “9/11 Never Forget” was a wonderful and emotional experience attended by hundreds of visitors to the Community Park. What a great addition to honor all veterans, past and present.

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Sorry I said 300.00 I meant 300,00.00 . And I did vote for Mr. Masser in the past. I understand that he is helpful when people come to his office. But niceties don't cut it when your handing out thousands. Sorry Mr. Masser.


I'm very, very happy that the All Homes Days was a success. I hope it will always be. But I don't agree with the fact Mr. Masser has allotted a 300,00.00 grant to Elysburg for their picnic area. Absurd. There are so many other places the funding could've been used. I don't know if the monies were specifically allotted for this type of improvement or not. I called in the spring of this year to Mr. Massers office in concern that there was nowhere local that electronics could be recycled and what about a one time collection in our area. I was told it would cost money. Are you kidding me? Elysburg will now get $300.00 for picnic tables for a one time deal in an area where there are enough people that are sufficiently able to have a fund raiser for their own grounds. Who can live in Elysburg now that cannot afford a few dollars? It's ridiculous. I for one will not be voting for Mr. Masser next time. He is not for the regular people.

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