To the editor: I am 75 years old. On Sunday morning I went to Mount Carmel to see a friend at the Greek Isle Cafe. I got out of my vehicle and I only got from the driver door to the front bumper and I fell backward to the street. I banged everything —my head, my shoulders — and I’m right now lying in a bed in Geisinger Medical Center, Danville.

There were three people in the cafe having their breakfast, and when they saw me fall, they let everything go. They didn’t care about eating; they didn’t care about their food. They helped me off the street and sat with me in my vehicle. Two men helped to pick me up and the woman was going to call an ambulance, but I said no because I had another appointment I had to keep later in the morning.

They are so wonderful and I have to thank them. John and his son, Nick Dimitratos, owners of the cafe, both came out to help also, and they gave me coffee and a sandwich and made sure that I was OK. Later in the day I had to go to the hospital.

If I had the money, I would pay them for their services because they are just fantastic people. It’s nice to know we still have people like that in the good ol’ USA, and in the area we live. It is fantastic, and I thank them so much.


John Shiko

Coal Township

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