John Meckley

To the editor: I am a lifelong Republican and resident of the Susquehanna Valley. I was honored to be the Republican nominee for Congress in the former Pa.-6 Congressional District and I am proud to have served as chairman of the Northumberland County Republican Committee. Since casting my first vote in 1988, I do not recall an election more important than this one. And, as difficult as it may be for some members of our party to understand, in this election, it is important that we do NOT re-elect Donald Trump. I certainly respect the opinions of those who may disagree with me, but for those Republicans, independents or others who are unsure, uncomfortable or unhappy with the status quo, please know that you are not alone.

As a Republican, and an American, I expect a lot of a president. I expect a president to be a statesman, to epitomize what it is about America that is exceptional, to treat others — especially those with whom he disagrees — with respect and, above all, to tell the truth. The current president does none of these things. I expect a president to protect and defend the Constitution, to respect the law and to govern in the best interests of all Americans. The current president seems to understand none of these things.

John Meckley is former chairman of the Northumberland County Republican Committee, and a former Republican nominee for U.S. Congress (Pa.-6)

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What a great letter! Hopefully come November Republicans will vote for Biden!


Well written. Well reasoned. Time to end this experiment and save the Republic.

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