To the editor: Russia’s Vladimir Putin does not call Biden the American President he calls him the American Patient. The Biden family has been compromised by their dealings with China and Joe will never stand up to China. Harris is a habitual liar as was demonstrated by her recent visit to Guatemala, where she told leading officials that the United States has a closed border policy. She went on to say “do not come to America as you will be sent home. Leading officials and other Guatemalans told investigative reporter Sarah Carter of Fox that they do not trust the United States. Are we really being taken serious by the world?

I have heard that there are those who voted for Biden that are now saying, had they known things would be like they are they would not have voted for him. Give me a break, the handwriting was on the wall. If you listen to the mainstream media, you need to understand that they are part of the problem, and they are responsible for spreading propaganda. The Democrats and the deep state are out to destroy America.

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Please go get deprogramed from this cult you belong to . You seriously need help!!

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