To the editor: Although the time is drawing near when we need to open Pennsylvania up again or face irreversible economic disaster, our astute Gov. Wolf has no timetable and no plan on how or when he will rescind the lockdown order.

He has no way to measure evidence as to when we can open the state. What he has done is release about 1,800 criminals into the state he is supposed to protect, while placing tighter controls — there’s the word, control — over the people in this state, such as wearing masks everywhere.

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I don't understand your point? Is your point that the governor doesn't have a clear plan? Or is your point that COVID-19 isn't as bad as people say? Or is it that you are wearing underwear around your face? I really, really, really hope that you aren't saying that this disease is similar to the flu. If you believe that, take a drive to Philadelphia and walk around without a mask. I promise you the disease will get you before the liberals do.


To philly Regioner great response !!!


Joe Biden has dementia?? That's a good one! If Donald Trump does not have dementia then no one does. The man is a complete mental case. INGEST CHEMICALS into the body ??? WOW , that is really great Presidential material there!!


I agree and I might take this person's word for a bit more if it did not become a left vs right argument.


Joe Biden also has a stuttering problem, what is Trumps excuse for not making any sense at all when he talks? The man is completely unfit to be President , and shows it everyday with how he conducts himself.

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