To the editor: I’m writing regarding the Oct. 21 News-Item article by editor Andy Heintzelman titled “Moving Tribute.” The article not only brings honor to Gen. James M. Gavin and Sgt. Maj. (retired) Tim Williams, it rings loud for the many men and women from this small area of the coal region who serve or have served our country in one way or another. It was a tremendous story and heartwarming message.

Many persons, including myself, were influenced by someone or something to “sign up” in service of our country. I was honored to follow my father (World War II) and brother (Vietnam) when I signed up to become a U.S. Army military policeman. My youngest brother would enlist in 1978 and serve more than 25 years and attain the highest rank extended to a non-commissioned officer prior to his honorable discharge. My twin foster brothers also enlisted, one Army and one Marines.

In his article, the editor capsuled Gavin’s civilian and military life histories that truly reflect the meaning of what leaders represent. The story itself is influential. It should’ve reminded the reader that Veterans Day is a time to consider the efforts of the brave men and women who serve or who have served our country.

I salute Tim Williams, Mr. Bobber and the committee at the helm of establishing the memorial and park at Oak and Second streets in Mount Carmel to honor Gen. Gavin. Their efforts will also honor all who served and those who will protect this great nation for years to come.

David J. Shinskie


American Legion Post 231


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