To the editor: In 2019, Shamokin City Council passed an ordinance to place a question on the ballot requesting the formation of a “government study commission” as the intent of council was to enact a Home Rule charter. Seven of the 14 government study commission candidates were made up of politicians from inside City Hall, intending to bypass the actual study of government and go right to a Home Rule charter. The voters spoke in 2019, and the question was successfully shot down.

For years, I’ve said that creating a Home Rule charter in the city is DISASTEROUS for its future. Politicians will beg and plead with voters that “we need to enact Home Rule as a city to survive financially,” which is a flat out LIE! They also use scare tactics to encourage you to vote for something you shouldn’t by saying, “If you don’t vote for this, we will have to CUT our police force,” which, again, is NOT TRUE! Actually, voting for Home Rule will eventually DEFUND OUR POLICE, and let me tell you why.

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