To the editor: How will the Democrats win the next presidential election? The answer is simple: get more votes by increasing party membership. Who are these people who can join the Democrat Party? They are your relatives, neighbors and friends; laborers, clerks, teachers, college students and those individuals who have recently became eligible to vote. However, there is another important group — the people with the red caps — MAGA, “Make America Great Again!”

I view the MAGA group split into two divisions: those who proclaim to be “patriots” while promoting racist and sexist beliefs, and those in a smaller segment that received a humongous tax break and are looking forward to their savior for another present.

The focus on increasing voters should be on individuals who grew up in Democrat families, had parents with union affiliations, and who worked hard searching for the “American Dream” for their families. Look also to minorities and those who benefited from the civil rights movement. Approach the young people who served in the military and who deserve the benefits of assistance with employment, education and health care — especially those who were injured. Look at recent high school graduates who expect to find employment and remember their teachers who act as surrogate parents and are asked to be armed guards with many of them needing a second job to make ends meet.

There are many people who are disappointed and betrayed by the lies and falsehoods of the current Republican administration. These are the same people who listened to Trump when he said he understood them and their problems and he would fix things. He said he knew who was responsible for these terrible issues: immigrants, environmentalists, intellectuals and certainly the Democrats.

Has Trump fixed things? No! Are Americans uneasy with the way things have transpired over the past two years? Yes! Are we now a divided country? Yes! It’s only since the Democrats have taken control of the House has Trump mentioned working together, Republicans and Democrats uniting to solve problems.

Wall Street has soared but so has our national debt? Employment is high, but many individuals work multiple jobs to make ends meet. The problems with drug addiction have increased and lobbyists continue to have a major influence on government policies that are detrimental to possible solutions to these issues.

Washington, D.C., is filled with lies, waste, mismanagement and actions that embarrass all Americans and are laughed at by many world leaders. Did Trump “drain the swamp”? Heck, no! The swamp is now a great lake and expanding with each and every indictment that develops out of this administration. Democrats now have an opportunity to show Americans they have a fair and honest plan that cares about the welfare of all its citizens and is a good neighbor to other country’s in the world. Americans need a clear, direct vision to resolve the mistake that was made by electing this president. If the Democrats follow this path, they will win in 2020.


Kenn Splitt


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Seems strange that instead of offering an apology and admitting wrong, timmannello writes a rant again distorting things and reverting to the unproven and soon to be proven wrong Trump Russian collusion fairy tale. Mr timmanillo your not fooling anyone by attempting to distort the facts that any third grader would know. Even if polls were 100% accurate (like the polls were when Hillary won the last election) fine. But the fact is a poll one year and a half old has no significance whatsoever and means nothing. If so, then I could compare Obama's horrendous numbers of 36.3% in 2009 and say he was the worst president ever. Here's where you failed and still owe that apology to the folks. You admitted you used the word stupid in describing Trump but made it appear that it was part of the polling. You didn't give the date of the poll which was old and thus meaningless. You added (wish no harm) after stating you didn't hate him. I consider this strange. Your errors or purposeful distortion of the truth speak for themselves timinello. Did you ever consider that Fake News, biased bad educators, false social media and folks who post lies instead of facts are the cause the divide in America today, are the cause for low approval ratings no matter whether it a Democrat or Republican or one of those new Socialist Democrats who want to spend us into oblivion just like Cuba and Venezuela


Talking with you, Mr. Schreff has been like pouring water on concrete. You make a splash, but nothing sinks in. With regard to an apology, I am sorry about one thing: responding to you as though you had anything worthwhile to say and deserved the attention of a response. Ggoodbye, Mr. Schreff and peace.


The September 2017 An ABC News/Washington Post is the most recent poll with a representative sample that asked respondents to select the one word they thought best described Donald Trump.

I reported that the ten most common words that respondents gave were “idiot," incompetent," "arrogant," "strong," "egotistical," "ignorant," "great, "racist,” "a--h---" and "narcissistic." The number 1 word was “idiot.”

Other later polls taken after the ABC poll like a Quinnipiac Poll after Trump’s first year in office had similar results. I did not cite them because the samples used in them were not a probability sample.

Some may agree with Mr. Schrff that polls mean nothing. I think they can give us a good snapshot of opinion at a given point in time. Mr. Shreff seems to assume that the opinisn of Americans after two years of Trump is much more favorable than it was in 2017. How one determines that without polls, I do not know.

In the last eighteen months, Donald Trump’s actions have threatened the institutions, norms and principles that under gird our democracy and have furthered the geopolitical objectives of Vladimir Putin. According to filings on Michael Cohen, Trump has been singled out as an unindicted co-conspirator in a felony. Investigations in New York continue to determine whether he is to be indicted for other felonies like Michael Cohen, and in other jurisdictions to determine if he was an asset of the Russian government or simply a “useful idiot..”

I never said the word “stupid” appeared in the poll I cited. I did not think it was necessary to explicitly say what I did not say. No the word “stupid” was mine. And I use it advisedly because Trump followers love it when people say exactly what they are thinking, when they are not politically correct. And I honestly think that it is “Stupid” for Trump groupies like Mr. Shreff to defend and support this chaotic misanthrope. For that I do not apologize.

I do not hate (wish him harm) Donald Trump. I simply abhor his destructive, divisive, self-centered behavior and words and the mindlessly devoted adulation of his supporters which make the travesty of Donald Trump possible


I have always respected The News-Item and now ask them to check a post by timmannello which was blatantly meant to attack our President Trump with either fake facts at best or blatant lies at worst.You be the judge as I asked you to check the article by googling it. Mr timmannello cited an ABC/Washington Post Poll which was taken before September 27, 2017. This is childish and ridiculous considering it is not only over a year and a half old but also gives President Trump the number one rating and describes him as Strong/Determined/Bold which was conveniently twisted and missing by timmannello. He also used the word Strong as a negative when the number one response was Strong/Determined/Bold. After examining the poll results I came up with these conclusions.1. Polls this old mean nothing period because polls go up and down with time. 2. Polls are statistics and anyone can twist statistics anyway they want. My first statistics class include required reading of a book called “ How to Lie with Statistics “. 3. Polls always have a margin for error. If this was not fact, Trump would have never became President because he was down in the polls and no one expected him to win. 4. The same article cites an Obama poll in which the results had some using mean hateful words against President Obama too.This is wrong and our President and the office should be respected. 5. Contrary to what timmannello stated “ the word stupid “ never appeared in the article. After a very strong economy with historically low unemployment rates with record unemployment for black, Hispanics and women President Trump’s approval ratings are at the highest since taking office. Why anyone would try to twist and smear the facts I don’t know but I do think that timmannello needs to apologize to the readers for this post.


An ABC News/Washington Post poll asked a random sample of Americans of all political persuasions the following question: “What ONE WORD best describes your impression of Trump? Just the one word that best describes him.”

The ten most common words that respondents gave were “idiot," incompetent," "arrogant," "strong," "egotistical," "ignorant," "great, "racist,” "a--h---" and "narcissistic." The number 1 word was “idiot.”

What would you call someone who thinks the word “strong” in this list accurately describes Trump but that the other words do not apply to him in the slightest?

May I suggest that the word “stupid” is far too kind


Just ask yourself are you better off today than you were 18 years ago and the answer is yes with the exception of Fake News and Social Media. President Trump has had more successes than Obama and Bush did in 16 years of leadership or lack thereof. The New Democratic Socialist Party compared to the Republican Party is like Cuba Venezuela versus the United States. Where is the Democratic Party of JFK and Tip O'Neil? Today, the DCSwamp Democrats stand for abortion up to and after birth, open borders, free collage, free welfare for those who can but don't want to work, unlimited debt, decimating the military's budget, sanctuary cities which are havens for the criminals from south of the border, taking the guns from law abiding citizens, taking religion out of our country, destroying historic monuments, changing history, taking certain books out of our libraries, making it impossible to say anything unless it is politically correct, using Fake News and Social Media to brainwash our folks, having a few bad educators implanting in the minds of our youth the idea that socialism is great and the Republican Party is the party of hate along with many, many more dangerous and divisive ideas. Lately, they have failed to fund a wall for our nation's security which they were for under Obama. Little do they realize that it would take on 5 illegal aliens each carrying a 50 pounds backpack of fentanyl to kill over 54 million Americans. This is no way to win elections and certainly no way to govern. The New Democratic Socialist Party believes everyone is stupid but the fact is most can see through their lies and the lies of the media. The polls were all wrong the last time and if you think beating President Trump is going to be easy you better do your homework.


Excellent letter, Mr. Splitt Thank you.

I encourage you to send it to other local newspapers.

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