To the editor: I agree with President Trump. The real person to blame in this situation is the USA reporter because that question should have never been put to him. If that would have been asked of Mr. Obama the others would have chased after him and beat him up. I cannot believe all of this outrage. Where was all of this uproar when Obama went on his apology tour?

I am with President Trump because it was the heads of the intelligence that followed the trail of a false dossier about Russia, which was funded by Hillary Clinton. I’m not saying I believe them. I still ask myself, “What are they hiding?” Uranium 20, the islands that were supposed to go to Russia, the listening stations from Russia, dealing with Iran or the whispers about nukes? This outrage is aimed toward one person and we know it is all political. Comey and Mueller were bad since Bush 43. The wimpy party of the GOP and hate-filled party of the DNC will always be against him. He did not commit treason, but we all know who did.

In my response to the open letter to Sen. Pat Toomey from the Susquehanna Valley Progressives, I want to point out several things: Russians did not influence our election, but it was us. We, the people — we’re tired of both parties.

Since we’re talking about illegal meddling, let us be honest. Every time an illegal casts a vote it is illegal meddling. Russians or the swamp of establishment and intelligence did not put Trump in, but it was we, the people. To be honest, Obama would need to be turned over to Israel for illegally meddling in their election. Where’s the outrage about that? I find it stupid how Comey and Mueller have unconstitutionally tried to overturn a dully elected president.

Mueller is not an independent counsel. He has Clinton and Obama donors on his team. Where is the outrage for that?

We, the people, are very upset because you’re saying our vote doesn’t count. Now we know we have the power to put someone in office that is for us. All of these things are happening to keep us from finding out what was done the past eight years.

In November, we will be able to give him the Senate he needs and super majority on both sides of Congress. There are 10 Democratic spots that Trump took, so we should be able to win them again. So, American loving citizens, let us uphold the Constitution and vote to make our country the grandest nation on earth.

That means keeping the swamp at bay and the deep state defeated. God bless America and President Trump. We love you, man.

Sandra Palmer


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These are truly strange times. When I turn on the so-called news it really isn't news anymore. Whether it is Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, or CBS they all are weak on the stories we are interested in and all about Love or Hate Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Where are to good old Walter Cronkites et al? Cronkite was a liberal but no one knew this when he reported the true news not Fake News. Bring back those journalists and get rid of the political pundits who are dividing America and as President Lincoln stated a divided nation cannot survive.


Wow. You need to turn off FOX NEWS, and read/ listen to some mainstream media!
Uranium? Islands?
You are missing the big picture: conspiracy, collusion and obstruction of JUSTICE by Trump to “ fix” the election.

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