To the editor: I will keep trying until one day this will be brought out in the open.

Getting ready for the Anthracite Heritage Festival of the Arts involves setting up the façade each year. It is like shining the tips of ones shoes but omitting the sides and the backs. It’s impressive as long as you only look from the front.

The real condition of the Shamokin Cemetery is deplorable. Weeds, thorns and heavy brush hide many markers and headstones. I’ve heard the excuses, but I’ve never heard solutions.

Why not spray the whole cemetery (except for the route taken by the festival tour, of course) with Agent Orange? It will kill every piece of foliage and not need mowing, weeding or trimming. Plus, it’s not like it is going to hurt anyone that’s already there.

I have a close relative buried in the GAR circle and a daughter and other family members in another area that is so full of weeds, etc., that it is impossible to get to. I have pictures to prove it.

I tried to get the state to help; they said it was a local issue. My last attempt to talk with then-Mayor Milbrand fell on deaf ears. I had some ideas on how to get some cash infusion and “the mayor” didn’t have the courtesy to call back.

Someone emailed me and told I was interfering with something that was none of my business, as I thought a “GoFundMe” approach might be one way to get some cash infusion. The person who scolded me was obviously insecure.

Plus, what happened to the cell phone tower money that was supposed to help with cemetery maintenance?

I guess my family and a lot of others in the same situation just got buried in the wrong spot. We never knew what the heritage festival route would be.

Gary Dusick

Mentone, California

(Dusick is a native of Shamokin.)

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