Blight in Kulpmont is being attacked and with persistent follow-up procedures it is being corrected.

Visibly, the Mill stacks are down. The serious interior problems with asbestos and mercury are being dealt with through EPA intervention.

This week, ads were placed seeking bids for the demolition of two of the most threatening structures on Chestnut Street. Bids will be opened May 29 and hopefully in a few weeks thereafter, demolition and cleanup of the site will begin.

These actions are just the first round in our “Fight over Blight.” For far too long these terrible problems with blight were ignored and not addressed for reasons unknown. In addition, for now another 10 properties within the borough have been identified as potential dangers. The police department, fire department and code office have been requested to look into these properties for possible filing of public nuisance charges. These charges carry severe penalties. The borough’s “quality of life” ordinance dictates that action must be taken to ensure safety.

These blighted properties have been a long-term cancer on Kulpmont. Blight negatively affects everyone’s property values, provides a terrible image of Kulpmont and attracts an undesirable element to the borough. No more delays, no more ignoring the problem, no more excuses. Blighted property owners will be held accountable until the deplorable and dangerous situation is rectified in accordance with borough ordinances.

Please make no mistake. We are all in a fight, and council fully intends to win this fight.


Walt Lutz, Bob Chesney, Bob Slaby, Bob Fanella, Steve Bielskie, Michael Sinopoli

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I applaud Kulpmont Council on the Blight Fight! Several years ago Council had the owner of these properties on 900 block Chestnut St with thousands of $$$ in fines and an Engineer's stamp on a document stating buildings were unsafe structures and needed to be torn down or emptied and brought up to code. Somehow then Mayor Bob Slaby gave the owner a last minute deal and only had to put a band-aid on the properties. There aren't any unknown reasons, just simple fact.
Walt Lutz was in charge of the Code Officer the last almost 3 years so mystery is solved. Please, no more innuendos as to whose fault it is or was, just do what needs to be done and Fight the Blight without costing Kulpmont taxpayers any money!

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