To the editor: The EPA work at the mill is completed at a cost of nearly $1.5 million. The health and safety hazard associated with the smoke stacks, mercury, asbestos and just the general dilapidated nature of the mill have been remediated and addressed for now. The EPA will be placing federal-related liens on the property. The borough will place liens on the property and press its legal rights over code violations.

A letter went out to the EPA in April 2017. Late 2017, an onsite meeting was held with representatives from the federal and state EPA, Congressman Barletta Office and Rep. Masser at the mill. Councilmen-elect Chesney and Fanella and code enforcement officer Moroz were present. That is the meeting that started the process of getting something done. Move forward some 20 months and a huge goal was met. The borough citizens owe councilman Chesney and code officer Moroz a huge thank you for sticking with this project and seeing it through to its successful conclusion.

Many thanks to the West End Fire Association. During the cold months its banquet hall was kept open and warm for the workers at the mill. The West End also provided the workers with a hot meal. All much appreciated.

A contract has been awarded to demolish the two largest dilapidated structures on the 900 block of Chestnut Street. The property owner is obligated to meet certain agreements, and when met the borough will take ownership of the property and start the work of getting the buildings demolished. These structures have been a cancer on the borough for a long time.

Council is studying several new ordinances that will help to ensure the health and safety of the borough’s citizens. Ordinances regarding feral cats, code inspections prior to sale and vacant property registrations are being studied.

There is an incredibly small number of people that are irresponsible and care little other than to make a buck. That bunch must be held accountable. The concepts of the Golden Rule, neighborly respect and pride of community, are foreign to them. Since little or nothing was done with these terrible problems for so long, this small group of people kept going on their horrible way and the borough’s citizens suffered. This council says emphatically enough of that nonsense. This council will put the effort and energy and resources into the fight for Kulpmont.

The health and safety of the borough citizens is the number one responsibility of this council, whether it be remediating asbestos, demolishing unsafe structures, enforcement of codes or making sure all the resources necessary are provided to the police department for enforcement of drug, speeding and traffic enforcement.

Walt Lutz


Kulpmont Borough Council

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