To the editor: Council’s proposed budget for 2022 shows a deficit of approximately $149,000. Big trouble. Nearly 20% of the proposed budget is in the red. That is a huge problem and council should be presenting five-year projections so the full impact of running deficits can be seen. Council should also show actual expenditures to date for 11 months in 2021, and annualized for 2021 and how that compares to the 2022 budget.

The budget shows salary increases for administration and code enforcement but no increase for the street department. The budget for the police department is the same. A grant is shown for the West End Fire Co. Council should have detailed information on the West End’s balances in their various funds to include the directors’ fund before any grant is given.

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Lutz opinions flip flop so much you really can't take anything he says seriously. He bashed my Authority as mismanaging yet apparently we were managing it like a well oiled machine. He forgets the Authority has another big loan that they can double the payments on and get rid of that loan before ever thinking about lowering rates. The Authority is it's own entity with it's Board making this decision not both councils. The Authority had to get those loans to fund upgrades which were unfunded DEP & EPA mandates. A lot of the surplus funds has to be keep to prevent a default. The rest who knows what more unfunded mandates will come down the road. Sincerely, Bruno Varano, former Chairman of KMHJMA.

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